This just might be perfect for whatever celebrations we might be able to have this year at New Year's. Western Michigan University's student-run wine brand, Bronconess has collaborated with St. Julian Winery for its newest product: Bronconess Peach Bubbly. For many people like me, New Year's Eve is the only time of the year that we drink champagne-like, or even any wine, general, and this would be a great way to a.) try something new. b.) help out a local business and c.) helps out WMU students (see next paragraph).

Bronconess launched in 2019, by the Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy in the Haworth College of Business,  with "a philanthropic enterprise model with 100% of the proceeds going to student scholarships." In addition to that, Bronconess gives students "critical experience in everything from logistics to collaboration to marketing, and that ensures preparation for the job market."

Peach Bubbly will be Bronconess' fourth product, joining the three wines at the launch last year. Those wines can be found at Meijer, Harding's. Trader Joe's, and Mega-Bev in the Kalamazoo area. Given current restrictions, it's also available for purchase online from St. Julian's.

"In the leadership and business strategy program, we say experience is our best teacher. Bronconess provides a special opportunity for our students to learn by running a real wine brand. And when their learning benefits future students, the learning becomes that much more memorable and impactful." - Dr. Derrick McIver, associate professor of management and co-director of the Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy

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