Are you a part of this latest craze? And no it's not a fidget spinner.

I first discovered this happening in my hometown of Marshall. Apparently now people are finding painted rocks all over Michigan and other states. I joined in on the fun by making a KFR rock and hiding it in one of my favorite parks in town. In the gallery below are pictures of it being found and then re-hidden. Only showed up twice so my guess is it was hidden too well the last time or someone wanted a souvenir. lol

So this is my update on where the rocks are and where they might be headed. The last pic in the gallery is one that was found in Paw Paw. I've heard more people have found them in Battle Creek, Albion, Jackson, and Kalamazoo. Sounds like so many of you are having fun with the painted rocks scavenger hunt project!

We'd love to see pictures of rocks that you've found or painted, and tell us if your city has joined in on the fun!

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