This morning while riding into work I was enjoying listening to Dog Days, as Katie Timber from the SPCA of South West Michigan had an adorable puppy in the studio. Heather McGregor was referencing the SPCA's "fee free" adoption day that is taking place on October 6th, when she told Dana he already has three dogs and to "share with others."

That's when Katie Timber let him know that according to Chapter 7-24 Article 2 on Limitiation And Number Of Dogs in the Kalamazoo Codes and Laws, he actually can't own anymore dogs:

It shall be unlawful to own, possess, shelter, keep, harbor or permit to remain on or in a dwelling unit as that term is deemed in the City of Kalamazoo Zoning Ordinance (Appendix A of the Kalamazoo City Code) or on the surrounding lot or premises within the City more than three dogs at any one time unless said owner or owners obtains a kennel license pursuant to state law, except that the owner of a female dog which has given birth to puppies may keep the dog and puppies for a period not to exceed three months from the date of birth of the litter. This limitation shall not apply to a veterinarian or a licensed commercial pet shop.
However, there is no rule like this for cats. You can have as many cats as you want in Kalamazoo County. Yet, there is a law pertaining to the Keeping Of Cats In A Greater Number That Can Be Cared For In A Sanitary And Proper Manner  as explained in Chapter 7-34 Article 3:
It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, harbor, shelter, or keep adult cats in a greater number than can be cared for in a sanitary and proper manner, or in a manner that because of the number of such cats, such cats create a nuisance as defined in § 7-3 of this chapter, or in a manner that because of the number of such cats, such cats constitute a threat or danger to the surrounding environment, including native wildlife and the property of surrounding property owners. An adult cat, for purposes of this section, shall be a cat over six months of age.
So feel free to be a crazy cat person if you can handle it!

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