A website listed the best eateries across America and the Bavarian Inn won

Fashionbeans.com has ranked the best restaurants in each state and the Baravian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan won the prize for one of America's Best restaurants!

This German-inspired restaurant has been operating in Frankenmuth since 1888. The experience comes complete with all-you-can-eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes, polka bands, and giant beers.

I appreciate that a long standing restaurant was listed as Michigan's best restaurant, but I feel the need to question that. Alone in Kalamazoo we  outstanding places to eat like...

  • Old Burdicks Bar & Grill (the nachos are incredible)
  • Food Dance
  • Crow's Nest
  • Ray Ray's Italian Beef & Sausage
  • The Union
  • Hop Cat

And the list goes on and on of AMAZING restaurants right here in Kalamazoo, let alone the hidden little joints all across our great state.

No offense to the judges on this one, but I think they missed the mark.

Visit The Bavarian Inn


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