Public service announcement from an Indiana man, "Don't let strippers in your house."

Billy Swaggerty had a dozen assault-style rifles stolen from his home in Kokomo, Indiana recently.  He shares the same fear that we all do about those guns falling into dangerous hands.

But can we talk about one of the funniest quotes you'll ever hear in a local news story?  Swaggerty told WXIN Fox 59,

“Be careful who you tell, keep it to yourself, don’t be bragging about how many guns you got, be careful who you let into your house and make sure you buy a quality safe,” he said. “And that’s another thing…don’t let strippers in your house.”

Apparently, he let a stripper move into the guest room against his wife's objections.  No kidding?  His wife wasn't cool with that, huh?

It's hard not to laugh at this because of the "don't let strippers in your house" quote.  However, this is a VERY dangerous situation.  According to Fox 59,

IMPD has recorded 555 stolen gun reports through Aug. 31 of this year, nearly half of them taken from vehicles often left unlocked.

“There’s more guns available, there’s more guns being stolen,” said Dr. Jody Lynee Madeira of the IU Law School, who tracks Indiana gun laws. “We’re creating an enormous supply of guns in trunks where the criminals know exactly pretty much where to find them.

“I think the proliferation of guns is connected to the increase in murders that Indiana has experienced which I think is up 4.1 percent in the last year (according to recent FBI statistics).”

Couple helpful hints to prevent a situation like this happening to you.

#1.  Don't own $10,000 worth of assault rifles
#2.  Keep your weapon in a gun safe that is bolted to the floor
#3.  Don't let strippers in your home

I just can't have fun anymore.





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