WARNING: This story may not be appropriate for kids.  It involves a tainted buffet and an on stage "accident" at a strip club.

I've heard of not swimming too soon after eating but I've never considered what would happen stripping after eating.  According to JacksonTelegraph.com,

A popular strip club in Jackson has been closed until further notice after several dancers contracted diarrhea last Friday night. The cause of the incident, which remains under investigation, has been initially linked to a contaminated buffet at the venue. While the investigation continues, the venue has not been named.

According to reports by local media, the strip club was nearly full on Friday night when the incident occurred, and both staff and customers were reported to have eaten from the free buffet, which included the usual selection of ribs, chicken and deep-fried shrimp.

The story goes on to say that at least one dancer lost control of her bowels while on stage.  Many other dancers were affected later in the evening.

This story doesn't pass the smell test.  I've dug deep into the bowels of the internet to find more facts on the story and have come up empty handed.  It's probably safe to file this under fake news...unless you were there.  In that case, stop eating at strip club buffets.  Move on to something safer like gas station sushi.




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