An 18-year-old Valparaiso man tried to escape the police on a bicycle before an embarrassing face plant.

Monday evening the police were patrolling an area that had a recent rash of thefts when they saw Joshua L. Branshaw Jr walk out from behind a bar that is under construction according to The Northwest Indiana Times,

...the officer attempted to stop the pedestrian, who was trespassing on private property, police said. As the officer turned his squad car around, he saw the man grab a bicycle from the sidewalk and start to ride north toward Second Street.

When the officer pulled up behind the bicycle the suspect started "pedaling in a frenzied manner" to get away.  When the suspect attempted to jump off the bike he fell face first onto the ground.

The foot chase ended at the suspect's family home.  The police overheard a voice saying, "Why are the police here Josh?  Why are you running?"

The 18-year-old is charged with resisting law enforcement because there is no law in the books regarding a slow-speed bicycle chase.

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