Pictures of my new fur family member, plus some photos from this weekend.

When Katie from the SPCA came into the studio last Thursday with a dog named Pebbles for 103.3 KFR The Dog Days of Summer, I couldn't help myself.

I will eventually adopt a dog, but I live in an apartment so I decided that a kitty would be the way to go for now.


If I could, I would have an animal farm out in the middle of nowhere with a front porch swing and a weeping willow tree in my front yard.

*Snaps out of it*

Meet the newest member to my fur family, Mickey!

1-year-old Mickey
1-year-old Mickey

The adoption process was so easy!  I went into the room where the kitties are kept and met each one. It was a giant cat playroom where they had all of the toys and food (donated) they could want or need.  Of course I wanted to take them all home, but Mickey and I clicked immediately.

I forgot to bring a cat carrier so they let me borrow one of theirs so I could take him home that same day.  The people at the SPCA were super friendly and answered all of my questions with a smile on their faces.  I filled out some paperwork, paid the $25 adoption fee and took Mickey to his new, loving home.

$25 was all it took to save a cat's life! And he had already been fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. He's fitting in very well with my cat Abbie and dog Stella. Here's a link to the SPCA adoption page with pictures and descriptions of each fur baby that needs a new home:

Here are some photos of my first weekend with Mickey, including some other randoms.

On Friday night, my boss Dana Marshall and his girlfriend Suzannah had Stella and I over to grill out. They broke out the kiddie pool and Stella loved it!

For me, a very eventful weekend!