Holland's Hundsonville Ice cream is a staple of west Michigan. Let's be realistic, they make ice cream for literally everyone. You like having ice cream for breakfast? Hudsonville has breakfast ice cream for ya. You love ice cream but dairy destroys your...let's say stomach. They recently created 7 different dairy-free options. A few years back they even brought back an original Creamery Vanilla Bean flavor. It's a company that's stayed relevant, which doesn't bring much surprise that they're recieving a $35 million expansion.

By Spring of next year, they're expected to be done adding 156,466 square feet of freezer space to its headquarters at 48th St. in Holland, according to MLive. John St. Aubin, operations leader at Hudsonville expressed his excitement and offered details in a press release:

We take great pride in our ability to reinvest in our home region of West Michigan as we continue to grow the distribution of our ice cream throughout the Midwest. This expansion allows us to streamline our innovation and product integrity and create jobs for our local economy. With this project, our ice cream will move from the manufacturing line straight to our own freezer space before it’s distributed to retailers and reaches homes in more than a dozen states.

Hudsonville Creamery was created on Chicago Drive in Hudsonville, MI as a cooperative by local farmers looking for a better way to share their dairy products with the masses in 1985. Since then, they continue to create new flavors and are doing a good job of expanding during the pandemic.

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