Over 70 years ago the original owners of the Hudsonville Ice Cream Company from Hudsonville, Michigan created a flavor that has, until recently, been off the shelves for quite a few decades. Now, the new owners who purchased the company in 2013 have decided to bring back the Creamery Blend Vanilla flavor ice cream. FOX 17 reports that nearby farms provide the cream and milk that goes into their ice cream.

Morgan Craig who is a product development scientist for Hudsonville Ice Cream is particularly excited to be with a team that wants to bring this classic flavor back to life explained the diversity of the ice cream as well:

You could eat it by itself, or you could make a really delicious sundae out of it, or do some kind of ice cream concoction or milkshake or something delicious. We really wanted to celebrate our heritage and plus it is a fantastic flavor. We have our classic vanilla which is delicious, but we wanted to offer something that was a little more indulgent. Which makes it like a turbo boost of vanilla.

Craig also said that customers who have had the original Creamery Blend Vanilla along with the original owners have tried the new batches and fully approve. They say it tastes just like it did years ago.




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