I don't know about you but I've never heard of a haunted yacht before. Granted, it wouldn't surprise me if somebody died while out on a boat and now their spirit may lurk around that boat forever, but those aren't the kind of haunted yachts that I'm referencing. Think of a haunted corn maze, hay ride, or house but apply that concept to a yacht with a small twist.

Now that we're in October, spooky season is fully upon us, and we can't push it off anymore. There will be more cobweb, ghost, skeleton, spider, bats, and other ghoulish decorations going all over the place soon. People will begin to get their friends together to watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, and even carve jack-o-lanterns. Now, thanks to Chicago, there is a new Halloween activity for them to participate in.

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There is a Haunted Yacht Series making it was way to Chicago for the month of October. As I mentioned earlier, take the idea of a haunted house and take it out of a building and place it on a floating yacht. This won't be exactly like a haunted house where you'll be trying to make your way out without being too scared but instead is more like a haunted party.

The Haunted Yacht Series will take place every Friday and Saturday starting October 14th and October 15th respectively. The Haunted Yacht Series is called "Nightmare on the Chicago River" and will consist of various dressed-up "monsters", a DJ, and a good time. They are encouraging visitors to come ready to sip, sing, dress up(optional), cruise, and dance as the boat sails on the river.

This is a ticketed event, that has a limited capacity, and once they are sold out that's it. Tickets can be found online and are priced between $45 and $225 depending on the package you select. The boarding starts at 7 pm, departs at 7:30 pm, and will sail until 10:30 pm. Pickup is at Anita Dee 1200 Breakwater Access in Chicago, Illinois.

Are you bold and adventurous enough to go on and last the Haunted Yacht Series?

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