I feel like I write/talk about food ad nauseam, but how can I not? It's not only a basic necessity of life but it happens to taste really good and spark some of the best debates. Michigan, Kalamazoo, and the surrounding areas are not new to the food game, really nobody is new to the food game outside of babies. The area we reside in offers its fair share of delectable edible creations to indulge in.

The food industry is bustling with competition and doesn't lack any of the flares needed to have a fiery battle of business. No matter where you are the food industry seems to continue to grow and improve to serve the everyday citizen delicious entrees to choose from. Kalamazoo has seen tons of new food establishments open their doors recently and there's another new spot opening up in town.

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We have seen all new types of food coming into town like more crab and seafood places, soul food restaurants, and even mom-and-pop shops have been welcomed into the city. Looking around Kalamazoo, there aren't many kinds of cuisine that aren't already represented here, so the market is full, meaning something has to be special in order to generate business. Recently, local businesses have been receiving a lot of love, and a new spot is hoping to get in on the action.

Greg's Gourmet Dishes is currently in a soft opening stage and will be having its grand opening in one week. Gourmet Dishes leaves a lot open for interpretation and there may be a wide variety of courses available to choose from. To say this is exciting is an understatement as new food places always receive lots of buzz on social media. They are located at 806 Riverview Dr. and are currently open daily from 5 pm - 10 pm for everyone to come to greet the staff and enjoy fresh food.

The grand opening is slated for October 1st, 2022 and there hasn't been an official time posted yet. They also haven't posted their official hours of operation or their menu yet.

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