When the weather is finally warm in Michigan, grabbing a cone or bowl filled with our favorite ice cream is a great way to cool off. With so many brands at our local grocery store, deciding on just one to fill our freezers with can be tough. However, according to a recent study, some brands are better than others for several reasons. And the worst-ranked ice cream brand is sold in Michigan.


America's Worst Ice Cream Brand Is Available At Stores In Michigan

It's hard to believe that any ice cream could be the worst in America, but according to 24/7 Wall St, there are 8 brands we should avoid. They researched food websites, blogs, and vlogs and compiled a list of ice cream brands that received the worst reviews. And the Top 3 worst brands are sold here in the Great Lakes State.

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#3 Baskin Robbins 

Ranked in the #3 spot for worst ice cream brand in the U.S. is Baskin Robbins. According to 24/7 Wall St,:

The texture of store-bought Baskin Robbins ice cream was described as “weird” by one reviewer. This critic also noted a “weird aftertaste.”


#2 Kroger Deluxe

24/7 Wall St acknowledges that many Kroger brands can exceed the quality of name-brand competitors, but the ice cream brand falls short:

Our reviewers took exception to this brand’s “unnatural flavor.” It is also docked for being overly sweet.


#1 Blue Ribbon Classics

The #1 worst ice cream brand in America isn't technically ice cream. 24/7 Wall St says:

"It was one of the lowest-reviewed ice creams in our survey, mainly because of its artificial taste and texture. If you closely examine the fine print, you’ll see that it is actually labeled as a “frozen dairy dessert.”

What do you think? Are these the worst ice cream brands in America? Let us know in the comments below.

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