Social media has proven to be both good and bad for humanity. People constantly comparing themselves to others...bad. However, people sharing the random acts of kindness they do for those in their community...great! I love seeing it.

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through the public Facebook Group, Rainbows Over Michigan, I came across a post from Beverly Burkhard who shared a photo of what looks like two baskets on a front porch filled with drinks and snacks along with a text from her sister.

Beverly Burkhard Facebook Post

Her caption reads,

A person is loved and attracted by acts of kindness.. my sis is loved by me and others for this reason yet many more. I am a mail carrier, and sure the delivery people will appreciate her thoughtfulness.

Which, alone, is a beautiful and easy way to show someone you appreciate their hard work. However, when I started scrolling through the comments I realized that Beverly's sister's act of kindness was hardly unique. And that's a good thing!

Comment after comment, people were sharing their own porch care packages for mail carriers and delivery drivers. Like Amy Sepanski who shared this photo along with the caption: I’ve got one out too! I get so excited when someone takes something, lol!

Amy Sepanski Facebook Post Photo

Or Jennifer Sheridan. She posted her goodie basket saying, "I’ve been sitting mine out everyday and put a goodie bag in the mailbox so our mail lady doesn’t have to walk up our long driveway. Had to restock my bin for this week."

Jennifer Sheridan Facebook Post Photo

And Melissa Williams who said, "I've refilled mine 3 times in a couple weeks ❤️."

Melissa Williams Facebook Comment Photo

Even if they weren't sharing photos, it's clear that people appreciate this simple gesture.

Like Stacie C who said: My boyfriend works for Fedex and he loves when he sees things like this while making deliveries. He is very appreciative to all these kind people.

And Ashley N who wrote: I love everyone who is able to do this. It’s greatly appreciated!! #usps 

Or Andrea Z who commented, in part: I do this too. I am a mail carrier and there is nothing better than seeing the appreciation that the community has for their delivery people. It’s the small gestures that go so far.

Isn't that the truth? The small gestures really do go far. I have to be honest, I rarely saw this back in Florida. I'm impressed and encouraged to see so many in my new home state participating in that kind gesture.

It's been a tough year. But, like I keep saying, we'll all get through it together! Thank you, fellow Michiganders, for giving me some hope today.

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