Illustrator and Kalamazoo Ghostbuster from Portage, Anthony Snyder has one of the coolest cars in the city. His Ecto-1K is one of the sweetest Ghostbuster mobiles you're likely to see around town, even though there are a few others. But he now has a chance to make it into a Ghostbusters calendar, comprised of photos of the coolest cars modeled after the 80's classic films. His car, along with dozens of others around the country, continent, and state are currently being voted for the top 12, who will make it into the 2020 calendar.

The Calgary Ghostbusters are the team assembling the votes, and the competition is pretty tough, considering there's even a few Ectos from the Detroit area and from around Michigan as well. One of the photos even shows the Ecto2z from Tennessee which sits in front of 8 Hook & Ladder 8, which is the original building used for filming the Ghostbusters films and was their home.

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How To Vote For The Michigan Ectos

If you want to vote for Anthony or any of the other Ectos from Michigan, follow the link here and LIKE the individual pictures you'd want to see in the calendar. Before the end of the year, the page will make their selections and the 2022 poster will be ready for print. Let's help get our Michigan Ghostbusters on the calendar.

For those who don't know, Anthony Snyder was also the illustrator for the Kalamazoo Big Banana Car Book that was released last year. SEE ALL THE ECTO CARS BELOW

Here Are All The Ectos Trying To Make The 2022 Ghostbusters Calendar

Anthony Snyder from Portage and his Ecto is one of dozens trying to make it onto the 2022 calendar which you can help by liking his car's picture here. Here are all the participants...

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