A Taco Bell manager in Kokomo, Indiana just got fired after a crazy photo went viral.

A Taco Bell employee noticed her shift manager was giving the restaurant's general manager a haircut one day at work.  One manager giving another manager a haircut at Taco Bell is weird.  But doing it during the lunch rush near where the food is prepared is bonkers.  That employee, Jen LeGear, couldn't believe her eyes and told WTHR in Indianapolis about that moment,

I noticed that two of them pulled out cutting shears and were putting on a trash bag, and I was like, 'That is interesting.' Then, they sit down and start cutting hair in the back.

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LeGear took a photo of the Taco Bell haircut and sent it to a couple of friends.  One of those friends posted it to social media where it went crazy viral.  One of her managers fired her for taking that photo.  That viral photo then led to an investigation by the Howard County Health Department.

A nearby barber had an interesting take on this situation according to WISH-TV,

Roger Stephens owns a barber shop a few blocks from the Taco Bell, and says there’s a real reason why barber shops won’t let customers bring in food and drinks when getting a haircut.

At least one of the managers involved in the haircut has been fired.  LeGear was offered a job at a different Taco Bell location.

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