"You left the bodies and you only moved the headstones!"

This haunting and chilling line comes from one of the creepiest horror movies to come out in 1982, Poltergeist. In the film, a family moves into a new house, but discover that their house rests on a former cemetery and the developer merely moved the gravestones, leaving the bodies, which was the cause for all the hauntings in the film. I recently came across a post on social media that suggests that there are apartments and Baker College in Muskegon which rest on top of a former burial site, and one person suggests there could still be human remains under the foundation.

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Apparently, the Forest Home Cemetery established in 1982 had 24 total burials, was defunct in 1910 and the bodies of those who had passed away were moved to Oakwood Cemetery in Muskegon. Later, the plot of land which once held the cemetery would become the site of a government housing project in 1943 called Forest Homes. Eilleen B. left a comment that her relatives were actually buried in Forest Home and claims there's a chance some bodies may still be there:

I had relatives buried there. My mom flagged it many years ago and Lisa Medendorp wrote up a great investigative story about in in the Muskegon Chronicle. They claimed the bodies were moved but there was never proof.
There is a video here that gives a very brief rundown and timeline of how the cemetery shut down and how the housing project began, but it does beg the question: Are there still bodies underneath "Glen Oaks and Trinity Manor apartments?" Another person even commented saying they claimed to have read something about unearthing skeletons on the site, however, the author of this article was unable to find any proof of that article online:
It also was under the former Muskegon Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities, now Baker College, I think. I remember reading an article that they unearthed a number of skeletons when they broke ground for the Center. In any case, it must have been huge. -Sandra B.F.-

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