New released bodycam footage show Ohio Police and the National Guard infringing on Evan Lambert's First Amendment Constitutional right on live TV.

Bodycam footage obtained by News Nation, Evan Lambert's employer, shows the moments that led to the arrest. The video shows Lambert in the very back of the gymnasium doing a live shot when police officers approach him and tell him to stop.  When he stops his reporting he is told to leave. Lambert explains that he will not leave as he has a constitutional right to be there.

That's when a member of the National Guard aggressively approaches the award-winning reporter, grabs him by his shirt, and pushes him. One of the police officers pulls the National Guard guy off of him and attempts to keep them separated.

Lambert is told if he doesn't leave Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's press conference about the recent train derailment, that he will be arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. He is then violently tackled to the floor by two officers and handcuffed.

When Evan told the officers that he is a National reporter and that this is all being filmed, the female officer responded, "I hope it is."  Well, that East Palestine Police officer got what she hoped for, worldwide exposure for arresting a black reporter for doing his job.

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It's clear from the videos that Lambert did not break the law and law enforcement instantly got unnecessarily aggressive with Lambert and put their hands on him multiple times before wrestling him to the ground.

Lambert spent several hours in jail before being released. The News Nation reporter is currently facing criminal trespass and disorderly conduct charges.

Meanwhile, the Republican Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine said in an interview with News Nation that he was against the actions of law enforcement against Evan and added that he should have never gone to jail.

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