The Detroit-based rapper just shared his new EMINEM X WHITE CASTLE merch line.

In anticipation of the release of his 12th studio album the two icons have teamed up for what the rapper is calling, "a very limited run." Here's how to get your hands on this new line:

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First, has anyone checked in on "Em" lately?

Eminem - Getty Images

Whatever he's working through it appears the legendary Slim Shady is either trying to embrace or shed his past: first he submitted a fake obituary to the Detroit Free Pressthen there was that whole weird demon baby teaser video as reported by Billboard, and now a satirical new mech line?

I'm sure come July 12, 2024, the release date of his newest album The Death of Slim Shady, it will all make sense.

As of this writing there are two EMINEM X WHITE CASTLE products listed on the official Eminem online store, a t-shirt and a trucker hat, both of which are expected to ship by late August according to the item descriptions,

Exclusive to the official Eminem store...White t-shirt featuring "White Rapper" print on front chest, and "White Rapper" and Eminem logos and graphic on back.

Why White Castle? Well, it's a nice play on words for one.

Eminem White Castle
Available at

I know we've had White Castles come and go over the years in Michigan; from the looks of the official website all Michigan restaurants are located on the east side of the state, mostly in the Detroit-metro area.

Controversial opinion: I like the sliders from the frozen grocery section better than fresh from the drive-thru sliders.

Pre-order your new "White Rapper" merch here.

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