An intoxicated man forced his way behind the counter at an Akron Subway to make his own sandwich.

Sounds like a helpful guy, right?  He realizes how hard the fast food employees have been working.  Actually, that's not exactly how this went down when Don Peters got hungry according to,

Peters was drunk when he went to the Subway at about 12:45 p.m. Saturday. Workers told officers that Peters was belligerent and demanded they make him a meal.

After demanding a meal the suspect allegedly damaged the protective plexiglass then made is way around the counter to make his own sandwich.  When police arrived, would you believe they found a bottle of vodka in his pocket.  He told the police "when I drink alcohol everyone calls me an alcoholic.  But when I drink Fanta nobody calls me fatastic."  OK, it's very likely I just made that part up.  But the suspect did appear to be intoxicated and did, in fact, have a bottle of vodka in his pocket.

That's not all they found in Peter's pockets.  He also had a block of Subway cheese.  I hope he's not lactose intolerant for the sake of other inmates at the Summit County Jail.  That's where Don Peters is spending his time after being arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal damaging, and open container.

No word on is Subway will be hiring Peter's as their next spokesperson when he gets out of jail.  Hey, he clearly knows "the way a sandwich should be."

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