Normally when someone uses the term "big baby" it may mean that a person is complaining or whining about something that's not important. However, when I say that we had a visit from a big baby today, I mean it literally.

This is Betsy Lou! A 4 month old puppy. And she is, indeed, a big baby!

Betsy Lou

Weighing about 65lbs, those who are interested in adopting Betsy Lou should understand that she will get bigger. How big? That's hard to determine.

Betsy is also a bit shy and timid. She comes from a "not great situation" as Katie Timber put it and needs to learn what it means to be a dog. She didn't have any toys in her previous situation. She wasn't allowed to run around and play. She wasn't allowed to be a puppy. Regardless, she is incredibly sweet. After taking a few moments to warm up she came right up to me and laid her head on my lap seemingly giving me permission to give her some pets. I, of course, obliged.

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Betsy Lou is available for adoption today at the SPCA of SW Michigan. If you lease your residence please bring a copy of your lease. If you have other pets, the SPCA always recommends a meet and greet first which you can set up by contacting the SPCA here.

Can't adopt? Here's how you can help:

I can sympathize with the desire to help ALL the animals. But, not everyone is in the position to give them permanent homes and that's okay. Here are a few other ways you can help the SPCA on their mission to help these animals find their forever homes:

You can volunteer. The SPCA is always in need of help around the shelter. That includes walking dogs, IT work, front desk help and so on. Find information on volunteering here.

You can foster. It's kitten and puppy season which means the SPCA is seeing a high volume of animals that need pediatric care like bottle feeding. They need people to foster these babies as they grow so they still have room to take in adult animals who are being surrendered. The foster registration can be filled out here.

You can donate. Donations are always appreciated. That could mean a monetary donation or you can donate specific items that are on the SPCA's wish list. That includes items like cat litter, bleach, anti-bacterial disinfectant, cat food, dog food, etc. You can see the full wish list here.

And, as always, if the only thing you can do is share this story so Betsy Lou can find her forever home, that's a huge help! And we appreciate it!

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