During the pandemic, many businesses and buildings are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of anyone who may be doing business or entering. Mask requirements, social distancing and sanitizing stations have all been good practices demonstrated by many companies to make sure everyone entering is leaving healthy and safe. But I've never heard of time limits being placed on businesses, which is what's apparently happening at the Allegan District Library...and people are not happy.

On Facebook recently, a woman named Brenda Merritts went OFF on the library, stating how her daughter was asked to leave while trying to do her school work from the library instead of her room:

So, she was sitting inside the library for thirty minutes while COMPLYING WITH THE MASK RULE, when someone came into her line of sight and told her that her time was up. Not wanting to make a scene, my almost eighteen year old gathered her things and moved to the deck attached to the library.
She continued doing school work for another thirty minutes when the same person AGAIN told that she had exceeded her time limit. She was the ONLY ONE sitting outside at that time!!!
This may seem like an isolated incident, but apparently according to another woman, this happened to her children there as well:

 My kids were doing school work . I am a classroom aide I was working with 2 students on English. Everyone had masks. We were told there is a thirty minute limit there was only 10 people in there counting the ones with me. My 10 year old needed to use the toilet and was told he couldn't because he had to be gone an hour first.

Have you experienced this issue? Let us know.

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