An Ed Sheeran concert at Ford Field may force the Detroit Lions to open the 2018 season on the road instead of at home. 

Planning a world tour takes a lot of work, even if it is a solo performer. Scheduling an entire 16-week season for 32 NFL teams is daunting. What happens when the two collide?

Ed Sheeran's world tour could potentially impact the schedule of not only the Detroit Lions but 9 NFL teams total. It runs August through November and sweeps the country from San Francisco to Detroit, Foxboro, East Rutherford, Nashville, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Dallas and Atlanta- impacting game days in each city.

Will the NFL be able to juggle the schedule and come up with an equitable solution for the teams involved or will Ed Sheeran fans have to change their plans?

Maybe we will finally see some hits in Detroit.

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