Consider me highly impressed.

A young child out of Detroit just published his second book at only 8 years old. And, after seeing a couple of videos, he seems to also possess a maturity and leadership quality that you rarely see in people under the age of 25, in my opinion.

This is George Latham IV.

In an interview with CBS, George's mother, LaToya Latham, said,

He's always had that leadership role to where he just always wants to help and he always just wants to make sure that kids were happy.

When he was an even younger child, George expressed interest in writing his own book because,

I love to read and I love to inspire others to read too

Which is incredible. Especially, when you see reports about a decline in reading in American adults. Hopefully, this kind of passion will follow not only George but the kids he inspires into their adult lives.

Speaking of inspiring others, not only did George successfully publish a book at age 8 (which you can see below) but, he's also taken time to do book tours to talk with his peers about reading:

His first book, I Can Be, is an interactive coloring book that encourages kids to be whatever they want to be:

His second book is a spin on the first. Titled I Can Be Sports Edition, it can be found below: 

What's Next for George?

With this much success at such an early age, the possibilities seem endless.

In that same article from CBS, he said that he wants to start working on his first chapter book and have it published within the next few years.

Whether you're a kid or an adult, seeing someone (especially a kid) pursue what they love and actually accomplish it, too, is incredibly inspiring. Even though I don't know her, I'm sending a big high-five to George's mother, LaToya, too. She has cultivated kindness and positivity in her son and it shows.

You can follow George IV on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with his journey.

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