Portage Law Enforcement and First Responders are determined to be prepared in the wake of so many mass shootings in America.After Crossroads Mall closed Sunday Night more than 75 members of law enforcement, EMS and mall staff participated in this very important training according to MLive.  If you saw an abundance of emergency personnel and/or vehicles Sunday Night in Portage, that's why.

According to WWMT,

As part of the drill, officers descended on the shopping center in full combat gear.

Teams did not know the details of the mock active shooter scenario, as the idea for the exercise was to be as realistic as possible.

“What we are trying to do is organize chaos, which is an awfully difficult thing sometimes to do,” Blue said. “In these events you are going to have people 10-times this amount running out screaming."

This won't be the last of the drills like this.  In fact, they're planning on doing annual drills like this in order to be prepared for a mass shooting situation.



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