As everyone in Kalamazoo knows, there is construction EVERYWHERE right now. No matter what side of the city you're on, you're bound to run into traffic cones and construction vehicles. The thing about this construction that's different than most is that it's not just road construction this time. A lot of the recent construction projects have ventured into nature and have started to cut down a lot of trees to make space.

There's not a lot wrong with cutting trees down except for that is the natural habitat for many animals. Sure, the birds, squirrels, small insects, and bugs can find another home, but when you start to cut down large areas of trees, than you start to force more wild animals to find new shelter. This has been the case in one Kalamazoo neighborhood that is seeing an animal they aren't used to seeing.

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The Milwood Neighborhood, located on the south side of Kalamazoo, is no stranger to animals wandering the streets. In fact, they are used to deer, geese, squirrels, opossums, and many other animals navigating the roads and yards, but they weren't prepared to see the newest animal on the block. Coyotes have recently appeared walking around the neighborhood, sometimes they are alone, in a small pack, or in a pack as large as 15-20.

The coyotes have been more prevalent in the Milwood Neighborhood due to the construction that is making changes to the intersection at Portage and Kilgore roads and I-94 as well. They have been in search of food, water, and shelter as the construction as cut into their homes and the weather is causing their food and water supplies to diminish.

The people of the neighborhood have been worried, making post within the Facebook group for the neighborhood, telling everyone they saw coyotes while they were out and everyone should be careful. Obviously, most are concerned for their pets and children playing outside and possibly being harmed but the pack, while others are just wondering how long they will be around.

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