A Las Vegas couple were on vacation in Ohio this week.  You think that's weird, wait til you hear what happens next.

While on vacation they catch something fishy on their home security camera according to upi.com,

A Las Vegas couple on vacation out of town said their home security cameras captured a burglar using a pole to fish for a purse from a dog door.

Stefan Wilhelmy and Tiana Cardona said they were vacationing in Ohio on Sunday morning when they received an alert that their home security cameras had picked up a trespasser.

The couple checked the cameras and saw a knife-wielding man use a pole left in their yard from a construction project to reach into the home through a doggie door and steal a purse from a nearby counter top.

Am I the only one here that finds a couple from Vegas vacationing in Ohio the most shocking part of this story?  I digress...Tiana Cardona told KTNV,

"I'm thinking it probably just had receipts and tissues," Cardona said. "I'm glad that we're safe that we weren't home, but the fact that somebody violated our space."

I in NO way condone theft!  However, this guy was able to fish a purse out of a home through a doggy door.  And did I mention that a Las Vegas couple vacationed in Ohio?


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