Some people don't take too much notice of signs they see on the road, like the fact that the number of billions served on the Mcdonald's sign hasn't changed in years or even some of the funny or very real messages that are displayed. We have even seen companies get into what has been dubbed "sign wars." Sign wars are when multiple businesses will get into some kind of banter with each other, using their business signs. Most of the time they are snark remarks being exchanged, but two companies in Michigan had a very pleasant back and forth sign exchange.

Two well-known businesses in this community, that happen to be right next to each other, decided to give their customers something to talk about. Being right next door to each other means they could be the best of friends or they could be each other's number 1 competitor. The sign war they got into definitely brought attention to both of them and makes some wonder if they planned the whole thing out. Either way,  there was a wholesome interaction between the two.

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Luckily for these neighbors, they are not competitors but instead are in two completely different markets but may still serve the same customers. In Coldwater, you have the opportunity to stop by Short's Root Beer Stand on your way to Two Feller's Live Edge Lumber and knock two errands out in one trip. Customers often will stop into Two Feller's to pick up or drop off lumber for building, decor, and even basic firewood needs and make the stop for root beer, hot dogs, and other edible items.

Enough about the two places and what they have to offer and more about what they put on their signs. Everything started on July 8th, when Two Feller's Live Edge Lumber decided to give a shoutout to its neighbor, and the next day, Short's Root Beer responded with something similar. This might be some of the most love I've seen shared between two places of business in a very long time.

First. Two Feller's said "What's a tree's favorite drink? with the answer being "Root Beer", which generated a return response from the makers of the root beer. They in turn decided to disregard asking a question and simply return the favor, to instead one-up their friends to make our hearts warm and our faces smile. Short's replied, "Don't want to be sappy, but we love our neighbors" catching the town's eye and their love too.

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