Pre-Christmas we always play the game of "who's putting up their lights too early?". And now, it's the game of "how long are they going to leave that Christmas tree up??" I've said it so many times this year's 2020. Do what makes you happy! But, if you're looking to repurpose that tree, the city of Kalamazoo has you covered.

As reported by WWMT News Channel 3, Kalamazoo is offering Christmas tree recycling for their residents. Now, I always thought, or assumed, that people would just burn their Christmas trees when they were finally dried up. Of course, that does offer a lot of potential hazards, but this is your reminder that I come from Florida where "potential hazards" just makes things more fun.

For those in Kalamazoo who would like to recycle their tree, they can drop it off at the farmers market parking lot which is 1204 Bank Street. Keep in mind, only bare trees can be accepted. So, no decorations or ornaments can be left on the tree. Trees are being accepted throughout the month of January.

In Portage, the city picks up trees curbside. According to WWMT, its a quarterly collection. They'll be picking up on Mondays in January in certain zones. To avoid the confusion of me trying to understand and convey the specifics, you can see details on your zone and pickup time here.

If you're looking to finish off the year by helping the environment, here's a reminder of what holiday decorations can be recycled.

CAN be recycled:

  • Gift boxes
  • Paper gift tags
  • Paper bags
  • Envelopes
  • Christmas trees

However, things like ribbons and bows, tree decorations, wrapping paper, tissue paper and Christmas lights cannot be recycled.

Speaking of Christmas trees, did anyone catch the floating Christmas tree near Sleeping Bear Dunes? Check it out below

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