The original punk-rocker turned into 80's rock star is coming to Battle Creek and I want to meet him!  

Billy Idol is coming to Firekeepers Casino Hotel this March and I want to meet him, yet I don't know how so I looked up a couple facts and here is what recommended...

Arrive Early. You are not the only person trying to sneak backstage. So before the security guards begin to catch on to everybody’s absurd excuses and general trickery from the other non-VIP attendees, try to sneak in as early as possible.

Be nice to the security guards. Drunk concert-goers love to meddle with innocent security guards, who hold the key (or wristband) to your dream destination. Therefore, make the security guards want to permit you backstage. This means asking them about their night, smiling, and acting genuinely interested.

Name-drop. Although this is less likely to work, saying you’re the “plus one” to a celebrity or musician who could already be backstage may help.

Be cultured about the musician’s social circle. A real backstage crasher should be able to spot those semi-famous or up-and-coming musicians/celebrities, and talk to them. These types of “celebrities” are popular enough to have some pull at the door, yet still want to make their fans happy because they’re not too famous yet.

Above all else, they never cease to stay confident.

Okay, I can do all of that, but if you have any advice or ideas I beg you to share!

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