Time is running out, and the question is can you make it out?

I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Kalamazoo's latest escape room, and I can't wait to visit! I was at Women's Lifestyle Wednesday's when I happened to sit next down to a great lady named Paula. She told me about her new business, an escape room. Now, I have never attempted an escape room, but I think I want to give it a whirl because she made it sound so exciting! According to Clock N Lock Escape Rooms web-site...

Clock N Lock was founded by Paula Norder in 2017 with the aim of offering the absolute best escape rooms in Kalamazoo. With a wide variety of rooms available, from the supernatural intrigue in The UFO Diner to the historical enigma presented in Amelia’s Attic, our rooms are 100% original, designed in house, and only available at Clock N Lock

Come on!!! That sounds amazing, then I read the reviews, and it sounds even better!

Brandon L. reported on Yelp.com...

We went here for a 23rd birthday party and it was an amazing time! We all had so much during our escape, we will 100% be coming back! Paula was a fantastic host as well. Any amount of people will have an incredible time, guaranteed.

Leah H. weighed in on Yelp.com...

My girlfriends and I recently checked out Clock N Lock Escape Rooms. We completed the UFO Diner room. We had so much fun and Paula, the owner, was super friendly and you could tell she enjoyed her job and was excited for us to complete our challenge. I will definitely go back to experience other rooms! It was a perfect night.

Hiral M. took time to write a review for Yelp.com...

We had a team event for 9 people and it was amazing! The owner Paula is really really nice and went out of her way to ensure that we had a great time. We had ordered food from outside which Paula good helped us arrange and also offered bottled water and soda at no extra cost. The theme alien diner is very unique and though we managed to escape with couple of minutes to spare, it was tough but super fun. Initially we did think 9 people might be too much for an escape room but there was enough to keep all 9 busy and engaged! When we went in the room we barely knew each other but after the event all the 9 people knew each other and had a great time. The clues need to be solved in teams so it's an excellent event for team building and ice breaking. Also after you solve every clue there will be cheering noise in the background encouraging you to keep going. I loved it.  The location is great, its right in the heart of downtown so after the event but we went for a great meal  Overall it was an amazing event and we look forward many more escape rooms being added!! Thank you Paula!!

The Clock N Lock is located at 321 South Kalamazoo Mall #200 and I can not wait to find a friend or two and try this place out! If you have spent time there please let me know what you though!


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