I can't even imagine this scenario happening to me from any perspective, but nonetheless it's real, and thank GOD for the bus drivers who acted.

A 2-year-old kid in Kentwood, just outside of Grand Rapids, is safe, after school bus drivers picked him up off the side of the road, after he was abandoned by a car thief!

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This sounds like the plot to an episode of some stupid Fox Family Comedy series that get cancelled after two seasons, but it IS real.

According to an article from MLive, a car thief jacked a vehicle Tuesday morning in Kentwood, and started rolling down the road.

"The thief apparently didn't immediately know the boy was there, but soon after, discovered him. The boy was then left on the road side with a blanket."

Oh, well, what a thoughtful car thief to think about the kid's well being, and at least gave him a blanket to stay warm.
(That statement was STEEPED in sarcasm, if you missed it.)


No car on the planet earth is worth the safety of a kid, and since this was a car owned by a family with a 2-year-old, I highly doubt it was any more extravagant than a 2004 Toyota Camry.

Parents be on a budget, ya know?

Anyway, thank God for these bus drivers who were in the area.

"The first bus driver, Dave Skinner, was driving on 48th Street when he saw people frantically waving their arms for someone to stop. Skinner stopped."

The people were the kid's parents, trying to get ANYONE to stop and help them. Skinner said there was a language barrier, but he was able to make out that their car was stolen, and their child was in the car, so he called 911, and let his boss know about it through the bus radio network.

"Not long after, a second bus driver, Sue Figueroa, happened upon Skinner's stopped bus. They both have routes in the area. Both buses were empty.

"When she learned they were looking for a missing boy, she told them she just passed a boy wrapped in a blanket by the side of the road. At the time, while it looked odd, it wasn't clear if there was an adult nearby when she passed.

"Figueroa then turned her bus around, went back about one-half mile, and found the boy. She took the child back to the overjoyed parents."

So, Happy Ending, and thank GOD for those bus drivers.

By the way, the car was eventually found, but police are still looking for the dude who stole it.

I think if they DO catch him, his punishment is to be left abandoned on the side of the road, middle of nowhere in the U.P., and have to fend for himself against bears, and moose with nothing but a blanket... also, they steal HIS car!

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