A Federal Jury in Grand Rapids has now convicted two men with plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Barry Croft Jr., of Bear, Delaware, and Adam Fox, of Wyoming, Michigan, were on trial as the main conspirators in the abduction attempt on Governor Whitmer  in 2020.

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The new trial was a result of a mistrial in April, after a jury could not reach a verdict. However, that jury did acquit co-defendants Brandon Caserta of Canton, Michigan, and Daniel Harris of Lake Orion of any charges.

This second trial focused on Croft and Fox specifically. the government says they led the alleged plot two years ago, resulting in 14 arrests in state and federal courts.

Yesterday, the jury in the Croft and Fox trial spent five hours in deliberation, but were unable to find a verdict. Today, they returned the verdict - Guilty of Conspiracy to Kidnap the Governor, and Conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction for both men. Croft was also found guilty of possession of an unregistered destructive device.

Earlier this week, Gov. Whitmer said she hadn't been following the second trial, but remained concerned about "violent rhetoric in this country."

She has been a staunch opposition to former President Donald Trump, who called her kidnapping attempt a "fake deal."

Evidence from the trial included direct text message conversations between Croft, Fox, and other individuals arrested in the attempted kidnapping, as well as social media posts, and secretly recorded conversations.

The abduction plan allegedly involved using explosive devices to blow up a bridge near Whitmer's home, to slow police access to her home while they carried out their plan.

Both Croft and Fox could receive Life in Prison for their actions.

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