As the new year rolls around, we all know that resolutions are always brought up and eventually pushed to the wayside before being completely forgotten about. One of the most common resolutions we see is to live a healthier lifestyle in the next year, pointing out sleep, working out, social life, and eating habits.

Eating habits are something that most of us could do better with, as eating healthy is hard and struggle for many. In the most recent years the tea bomb and replacement shake trends have skyrocketed as tea bombs provide energy and protein shakes are filling stomachs.

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As you prepare to start making those meal prep lunches, as you think about what your dinners will be, breakfast may slip your mind, but these places are here to save the day. Using a replacement shake or tea bomb to start your day are what these stores are looking forward to, and here are 10 of the best in Southwest Michigan.

Tea bombs come in all kinds of flavor as they use tea, edible flowers, fruit, and other edible additions to boost the flavor. The bomb part comes as they are isomalt shells placed inside of team and melts much like a hot chocolate or bath bomb. They come in flavors like jolly rancher, strawberry lemonade, blue raspberry, and many others.

Replacement shakes are like your normal protein shake but beefed up with some extra power as they provide more calories, grams of protein, and other vitamins and minerals so they can be drunk in place of a meal. They come in many different flavors including chocolate peanut butter cup, chocolate, strawberry, and so many more.

Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas have plenty of places for you to stop in for your tea bomb, replacement shake, or other healthy eating choices. You don't have to start eating healthy at the beginning of the year, but these places would sure help.

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