Whether you eat it on the side or as your main entrée, mac and cheese is one of our favorite comfort foods in Michigan. While several places serve this delicious, ooey-gooey dish, one restaurant is now named one of the best spots to grab a fork and dive into the best mac and cheese in the U.S.


Michigan Restaurant Named 'Best Mac And Cheese' Spot In The U.S.

When craving a blend of fresh and creamy cheeses, butter, and pasta, and the boxed stuff won't do, LoveFood found the best places in the nation to indulge in mac and cheese in every state. And one restaurant lands on the top of the list in the Great Lakes State.

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You can find America's best mac and cheese at Slows Bar BQ in Detroit, Michigan. According to LoveFood, Slow's has created an unforgettable cheesy side dish that will have you craving another bite:

The exceptionally cheesy mac 'n' cheese at Slows Bar BQ in Detroit is a crowd favorite that's not to be missed. It comes as a side dish, and it has a tempting orange crust – evidence of how delightfully cheese-heavy it is.

The secret to Slow's famous mac and cheese lies in its simple yet flavorful recipe. And look at that cheese pull..yum!

Slow's has gained a reputation for serving great mac and cheese and some of the most delicious comfort food around like tender ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Slow's is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for some of the best mac and cheese and other delectable dishes in the U.S.

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