Kalamazoo is in no shortage of places to go out and gather, most of them being bars, breweries, parks, or bowling alleys. Obviously, some of these places can be used to all kinds of events, but most people will avoid these places when having a business conference, wedding, and other type so events. There's no need to panic, as Kalamazoo has plenty of event venues that will serve this purpose as well.

Nico's Landing used to be one of the main event venues used within the Kalamazoo area. There were often times that the booking for Nico's Landing would be months, if not over a year out, meaning this place was more than popular. When Nico's Landing closed it's doors, people started looking around for other venues to host their events, here's a few to help you out.

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The Skydeck is almost self explanatory, but nonetheless still a beautiful and amazing venue for wedding receptions, birthday parties, and even company get togethers. This is a conveniently located deck six stories above the streets of Downtown Kalamazoo, which is also conveniently located. They will provide service from attentive servers, good priced drinks but limited food options. There is a DJ playing all genres of music and taking requests as well. This has been labeled as one of the best places to view a sunset in Kalamazoo and is great for dates.

The Fountains

The Fountains banquet center is another big time favorite in the Kalamazoo area, often being used to host weddings, wedding receptions, business conferences, corporate and non-profit events, and student events as well. They have two different style spaces they can rent out, they have their traditional ballroom/conference room and they have a ceremony room. Most smaller events and weddings are held in the ceremony room, while receptions and bigger events are held in the ballroom. They also provide catering, food trucks, and the opportunity to bring your own liquor to serve, but cannot serve alcohol themselves.

Agyarko's Event Designs and Rentals LLC

There's a newer black owned event space on the block, looking to provide an awesome time for a group of people on a special day. This venue is located on 9th street on the west side of Kalamazoo. A 7,000 square foot building with a 600 square foot strobe-lit dance floor that comes with ample parking as there are well over 100 parking spaces available.

There is a max occupancy of 250 guests along with an updated bar and kitchenette to serve guests food and beverages of your choosing. There is no service provided at this location so you must bring all of your own drinks, food, alcohol, and servers to be responsible for those duties.  They do provide decoration and design services of many kind along with rentals, this may be for the event you're planning at their space or for something totally unrelated.

The Xperience

This is the newest event venue in town and this is also black owned. This has a much more convenient being a modern, downtown venue is that is the perfect space for your special day. Whether it be a wedding reception, family reunion, class reunion, corporate event, open house, private dinner, seminar, meeting, dance rehearsal or fitness class The Xperience is the perfect place.

With over 3200 square feet of open floor space, featuring bright light gray interior walls, floor to ceiling front windows, iron chandeliers, raised stage, adjustable lighting, and a fully stocked bar with custom cocktails (priced separately) that will be sold and served as The Xperience has their liquor license. The Xperience is a great canvas to create your very own Luxury Escape. The feng shui foyer entrance leads to a spacious luxury vinyl wood floor and elegant pillars. The high industrial black ceilings create a feeling of space and luxury feel. The location of the Downtown Kalamazoo Mall City Center, creates a great backdrop for beautiful photo opportunities that only “The Xperience” can provide.

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