Many families have the tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree, but did you know that tradition comes from the Mitten State?According to the glass pickle was one of many fruits and vegetable ornaments produced in Germany in the1880's. From that time on, for some strange reason, the pickle was the last ornament hung on the Christmas tree, then the first person to find the pickle received an extra present!

But why was a pickle so special and especially important to Michigan?

According to the story starts in Berrien Springs Michigan and is a medieval tale of two Spanish boys...

"The boys were traveling home from boarding school for the holidays. When they stopped at an inn for the night, the innkeeper, a mean and evil man, stuffed the boys into a pickle barrel. That evening , St Nicholas stopped at the same inn, realized the boys plight and tapped the pickle barrel with his staff, magically freeing the trapped boys."

So, the pickle represents miracles during the Christmas season, one of them being that all is safe and well with those we love. Plus, now if you find the pickle there is another present coming your way.




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