I'm a huge history nerd, and when it comes to small cities like Kalamazoo, I love discovering the history and foundation that started it all. There is a historic, old map of Kalamazoo, Michigan which was created in 1874 by J.J. Stoner, a prominent 19th century map maker. The map shows a bird’s eye view of Kalamazoo as it used to be, including street names and old landmarks which are numbered. The map has recently been restored and available for view thanks to knowol.com

Some of the featured landmarks include Michigan State Insane Asylum, Kalamazoo College, Michigan Female Seminary, Ward Schools, Rockford Clothes Pin Factory, Fire Engine House, Kalamazoo Iron Works, Planing Mills, Flour Mills, Cornell Carriage Manufactory, Novelty Iron Works, International Hotel, Kalamazoo House, and more.

The map is interactive, which means you can zoom in and get a high definition view of it. The map is also available for purchase. You can view the map here. 

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