It's always funny when you find an old textbook from the 1950's or 60's and laugh at how outdated it is. Obviously, as a people, we are constantly learning and discovering new things. Sometimes you just have to update your books and move on with it. But in cases like this, you need to proofread your material.

A co-worker of ours sent us a picture of a textbook her daughter is currently using at her college. Mind you, this is a Michigan Geography textbook they actually had to pay for.

TSM/Theresa Bunch

After opening the book and going through it a little bit they came to a page that describes the 1947 Coldwater incident where Michigan was rocked by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake and the effects of it throughout southwest Michigan. That's when noticed something terribly wrong with the map...

TSM/Theresa Bunch

Seriously? How do you just screw up the name of the most recognized freshwater lake in the country? I think" Editor In Chief" Randall Schaetzl needs to go sit and reflect on this crucial mistake and maybe think about hiring a fourth editor for the book as a back-up in cases like this.