How many times has this happened over the past few years where people in charge of graphics should have just taken that extra 5 seconds to proof their work? Don't get me wrong, I make my share of mistakes from time to time, but to create something and completely throw logic out the window takes some amount of negligence for your work. Like when Fox news used a graphic, saying that the upper peninsula was Canada, then turning around using the same exact graphic again the very next year.

Well this one isn't as prestigious as Fox News botching Michigan's identity, but it really made me laugh. There is a YouTube account called "Be Amazed" and on their episode of Embarrassingly Dumb Ways People Died - Darwin Awards Winners [Part 10], the narrator says the following: "When some people leave this mortal coil, they leave behind a mystery so bizzar it truly does seem stranger than fiction. Like when a resident of Calhoun County, Alabama spotted a skull in their front yard in 2019."

But before they talk about the story, a graphic pin-pointing Calhoun County, Michigan is used to identify the location of where it took place. I know sometimes states can be confusing, but we have to be one of the most recognizable states. There just isn't an excuse anymore. Either way, it was so wrong it was actually really funny. Check it out below:

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