For Tiktok Tuesday we often feature local content creators that are witty or funny or telling Dad jokes and the like. However, this Battle Creek Mom just captured my heart.

Here's why.

Chelsey, or as she's known on Tiktok @chelseybanker, isn't on Tiktok to make jokes. Instead, she's authentically sharing her story and her struggles while simultaneously encouraging others who might also be struggling. Below is one of the first videos I saw from her. It briefly outlines the hurdles and obstacles she's had to overcome.

I've been through my share of hardship. Some of those experiences, for a time, made me angry and bitter. Instead, Chelsey chooses to share her experiences in a positive light, I'm sure, to inspire others. And I commend anyone who can keep persevering even when life keeps piling things on top of you.

Her account isn't only about overcoming struggles.

She also shares her favorite drinks as a Starbucks barista,

Projects she does with her son to make him feel more confident,

And something we can all relate to...drastic hair decisions when we're feeling stressed out.

Chelsey is also very open with how her life is with a child that has special needs. Her name is Emmri. She's a beautiful 10 year old who has been beating the odds since the day she was born.

Since this video was shared, Chelsey has posted a few more regarding Emmri's journey saying that hospice has now been called in. My heart and thoughts go out to the entire family.

We normally try to keep all things happy and fun. But, the truth is...that's just not real life. People struggle. People cry. People get angry. People face things they should never have to face. Again, this is just one reason Chelsey has captured my heart. From raising a toddler while also caring for a special needs child, finding new jobs, going through mental health struggles...Chelsey is transparent with all of it. And there's no doubt in my mind that this is the reason she has amassed nearly 646,000 followers with nearly 10 million likes on her videos.

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If you'd like to be inspired by Chelsey's story make sure you check out her Tiktok! @Chelseybanker

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