The small Michigan police department with a huge sense of humor has done it again.

Whoever runs social media for the Bath Township police doesn't get paid enough.  They have a reputation for being hilarious.  Which is not very common for law enforcement social media accounts.  You may remember when the Bath Township PD started a beef with the East Lansing PD on Facebook back in 2017.  If not, click here.  It's fantastic.

This time they took to facebook to offer "get out of jail free" cards,

It's that time of year again! Time to stop by and get one of our get out of jail free cards.  These cards are only available February 30th at our police department front desk. They can be used for a one time only get out of jail free. Just give it to your arresting Officer and they have no choice but to let you go. No questions asked. Come get them while they're hot!*  * Cards will not work for the East Lansing Police Department because they are mad that we have a Monopoly on the good Facebook posts.

I love that they end the post with throwing shade at the East Lansing Police Department.  Seriously, who's in charge over there and can they run for President?

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