This hilarious Facebook exchange between Bath Township and East Lansing Police began when a citizen posted a picture of a "speed trap" on Facebook to warn the public.

The warning reads: SPEED TRAP! Lansing Rd between Van Attas and speedway!  Next to deer crossing sign!  Don't let them get you!!

Bath Township police then shared that post with #Justdontspeed.  Next, The East Lansing Police get involved.  These comments are hilarious!

East Lansing Police Department throws a little friendly shade with "Next to the deer crossing sign huh?? You guys really have nothing better to do than catch deer jay-walking?? Wow!"

Deer playing in the road...

Am I being deertained...

Free to doe...

I encourage you to click the original facebook post at the top of the page and browse all of the comments.  I don't know who's running the social media for the law enforcement agencies, but I freakin' love it!

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