There seems to be a wild trend of ATM theft attempts in Northeast Ohio in 2021.

Last Tuesday someone tried to drive off with an ATM chained to their truck.  They didn't get far according to,

The police report did not say how the ATM broke loose from the chain, but officers found it lying on the ground about 20 feet away from its base.

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Witnesses actually saw the criminal's failed attempt at a giant and illegal withdrawal around 8:50 P.M. in Youngstown, Ohio.  The entire incident was apparently caught on security video.  However, the police haven't released footage of the caper just yet.

This the latest of at least 3 ATM theft attempts in the same area.  A couple weeks before the Youngstown debacle, someone stole an ATM from a BP gas station in Warren.  Warren is just 20 minutes from Youngstown.  There is also video footage of the crime according to WFMJ,

Surveillance video shows a man with a crowbar jumping out of a Chevy Suburban, then smashing the glass door just before 4 a.m. Tuesday.

That theft is the most hilarious of the three.  The burglars had all kinds of trouble.  First the strap they used to drag the ATM broke.  They came back and tried again.  This time breaking the bumper of the SUV.  They came back later and simply picked the ATM up and put it inside the truck.

Then their was the first ATM theft of 2021.  This one happened in the small town of Niles, Ohio.  Niles is smack dab in the middle of Youngstown and Warren.  This one had a slightly different M.O. as two people physically dragged the ATM from the foyer of a credit union.  Much like the most recent ATM theft attempt, the bad guys came away empty handed.  The ATM was found abandoned and unopened.

Outside of the security video footage on these incident.  The police haven't announced any leads in the three cases.  Law enforcement has also not commented on if the 3 similar crimes so close together in time and location are linked.

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