Ann Arbor Artist Dave Zinn brings the sidewalks to life.

Since 1987 David Zinn, a local artist from Ann Arbor Michigan, has been taking his art to the streets. Walking around the home of the University of Michigan, you may literally stumble across his whimsical work. With a box of chalk and a few hours to spare, Dave sets out to create a master piece. The designs are fun and most have a two regulars that often appear. There is 'Sluggo', a green monster with stalk eyes and 'Philomena' a flying pig. Dave's images look 3-D and he sometimes incorporates street signs, of light poles into his art.

Of course, creating chalk drawing on the street doesn't pay the bills.  According to Dave's web-site when he is not creating art on the sidewalks of Ann Arbor for fun, his professional work includes...

  • theatrical posters
  • business logos
  • educational cartoons
  • landfill murals
  • environmental superheroes
  • corporate allegories
  • and hand-painted dump trucks
  • bar coasters
  • restaurant placemats
  • cake icing

But don't take my word for how amazing his chalk drawing are, here are just a few of the post's on his web-site...

Lisa stated...

You are an amazing gifted artist with a talent for making people happy. Your characters should be made into a movie. They have so much expression that they really touch people. I wish I had such a talent. Thank you for sharing yours!

Marian wrote...

Today you made me glow on the inside and smile on the outside. You are indeed a special human being, bringing joy to so many people. Thank you for sharing your talent and making people smile by showing us your imagination through your art. So wonderful. I especially love the flying pigs.

Emily said...

WOW!!!!!!! ur chalk art is awesome!

Dave's art work has become so popular that he has recently released a book, called "Underfoot Menagerie' that includes...

More than 100 pages of cheerful creatures to brighten your day, plus explanations and inspirations from the artist himself.

So, the next time you are strolling around Ann Arbor, look down you may be surprised.

Watch David Create a Chalk Drawing


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