Not only do these high school students get reserved spaces, these parking lot Picasso's have created some imaginative asphalt artwork.

Gobles is known for the moguls at Timber Ridge, vintage games at Klassic Arcade and the urban legend of Hatchet Man Road. Now, high school students are getting recognition for their original artwork in customizing parking spaces in the school lot.

Riding the bus to school can be a drag but driving was a coveted privilege that came with added social cache. I can remember cruising into the lot before the first bell at West Ottawa High School in my Camaro with the Miami Vice cassette playing from the Pioneer speakers (it was 1985, what can I say?), trying not to be seen looking around to see who was looking at me.

Not everyone was allowed to drive to school- you had to have a good reason like a job to get to or special permission. No one is quite sure whose idea it was, but Gobles High School seniors that drive have been allowed to add some flair to their reserved spots. Check out the art these upperclassmen have laid down on the concrete. When I was in school, about the only thing you could decorate was the inside of your locker.

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