Education has been dubbed as one of the most important skills to have in life and has oftentimes been a direct correlation to the amount of money you could make in your profession. Obviously, this doesn't account for all careers and it doesn't mean you can't be successful without education, but more so that having an education makes life easier.

As we all know by now, there are varying levels of education and, once again, your education level does not define you. There are people who have never finished high school, others who never went to college, and then there are those who managed to survive through a Ph.D. program. Nonetheless, there are various degrees and smart people out in the country, but where are the most educated?

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According to a study done by WalletHub, Ann Arbor, Michigan is the most educated city in America. This was a study done with only the 150 largest cities by metropolitan area and used a series of 11 different matrices to determine their rankings. The matrices included criteria like the gender education gap, the quality of public school systems, and the number of adults 25 and up with at least a bachelor's degree.

Ann Arbor was ranked number one out of the 150 cities and ranked number one in many of the different matrices. They ranked first in matrices like the percentage of high school diploma holders, the percentage of associate degree holders or college-experienced adults, and more. Ann Arbor may have been number one but they weren't the only Michigan city to make the list.

Four other cities/metro areas from the state of Michigan were included in the survey, obviously, none of them were better than Ann Arbor but they give Michigan a chance to fight as the most educated state in the country. Lansing/East Lansing, Grand Rapids/Kentwood, Detroit/Warren/Dearborn, and Flint were ranked 30th, 64th, 74th, and 127th respectively.

So many cities and areas around the state show off for us, but once again just as a reminder, your education status does not define who you are.

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