The snow has the potential to be breathtakingly beautiful.

From inside. In the heat. When you're not staring at a full driveway that needs shoveling. As you're trying to motivate yourself to leave the comfort of your cozy living room to face the task ahead of you, you might need some help.

Some motivating sayings, if you will.

A few affirmations, perhaps.

Here are at least 5:

1. We Don't Have Hurricanes 

Satellite view of a hurricane in the ocean on Earth

From someone who grew up in Florida, let me tell you, hurricanes are not to be messed with. And, they're not a fun experience. Sure, Floridians water skiing down their flooded streets after a hurricane might make it look like a party. But, hurricanes also come with major damage, power loss for weeks, scattered debris that has to be picked up, and on and on.

2. We Don't Have Sharks 

Great white shark "smiling"

Again, tapping into my lived Floridian experience...the beaches? Stunning. However, once you watch Shark Week you'll realize that Florida is home to some of the most dangerous sharks out there. Great Whites may not be as prevalent but, Florida waters host Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks, and more. Read more about Florida's sharks here.

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3. We Don't Have Alligators/Crocodiles 

American alligator
Comstock Images

Guess who does? FLORIDA. That's right, everywhere you look you have the potential of running into a shark, alligator, or crocodile. Think you're safe in a lake? Absolutely not. Think you're safe in a river? Bull sharks thrive in brackish water. There have even been crocodiles spotted riding some waves on Florida's beaches.

You think sharks are scary? I'd rather face off with a shark any day than mess with an alligator. Those things will grab ahold of you and roll. UNDERWATER. Nope. Nope nope nope.

Okay, yes. We did have a couple of instances of alligators being found in Michigan creeks and rivers BUT, they're not native to our area. Read more here.

4. We Don't Have Earthquakes 

Seismograph with paper in action and earthquake - 3D Rendering

I've never experienced an earthquake and I don't want to. At least with blizzards and even hurricanes, you can prepare. Earthquakes are out of the blue and have the potential to cause some serious damage. I'll take a blizzard any day.

5. At Least We're Not in Ohio 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

I mean...does this one even need an explanation? Sure, we have to deal with what seems like endless snow but, least we don't live in Ohio!

Most importantly, it's good to remember that the snow is only temporary. Warmer weather is on the horizon.

Unless you're in SW Michigan. Unfortunately, if you're reading this on 1/27/23 and live in the SW Michigan area, you might want to prepare yourself for extra chilly temps and more snowfall for the next couple of weeks:

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