Beware of this toilet paper scam.

Many of us have been frustrated while trying to find important Covid-19 related products like masks and hand sanitizer.  It has been proven over and over that there is absolutely no reason to stock pile toilet paper during this pandemic.  Yet, the shelves are bare almost everywhere.

That must be why Ben Hart of Independence, Kentucky (just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio) decided to look online for some tp.  In fact, the tp found him as a facebook ad popped up selling 30 rolls of Charmin for $40.  It's not a good deal, but it's not a bad deal.  You can usually purchase 30 "mega rolls" of Charmin for just under $30.  However, we're in a pandemic and people be cray.  So, Ben pulled the trigger and purchased the paper.  A month later this is what he received...

It goes without saying, Ben was not happy according to WCPO,

"I said, 'You're kidding me' ... That's a roll of toilet paper?" Hart said, pointing to a tiny roll that looked like it held 25 squares of paper. For his $40, he got 30 toddler-sized rolls. "That's what they sent."

Not only where the toilet paper rolls way smaller than they should have been.  But it wasn't even Charmin.  The Proctor and Gamble headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio.  You can't pull fake toilet paper of their eyes in that city.

It was impossible to track down the actual seller of the bogus bowel towels.  Apparently, anyone can advertise anything on Facebook.  Be careful out there.

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