Shame on the owners for leaving their pet beyond

Comstock Park Animal Control found their Saturday a little more interesting when they were summoned to a Townhouse to remove a 4-foot alligator! Mlive has reported that the call came in Saturday morning from a Alpine Township duplex, and officers were let into the unit by the landlord. Once inside the officers found the alligator and were able to safely secure its jaws before placing it into an animal control truck.

Kent County Health Department spokesperson Steve Kelso informed Mlive that...

An alligator would be considered an “exotic” animal in Kent County. County animal control act regulations “prohibit the ownership of exotic animals or types of animals that are a hazard to the community.

Animal control officers left a notice on the duplex door, telling the resident that they took custody of the alligator and to call them for further information. On a positive note the alligator appeared to be in good health. Yet, the sad part is that a neighbor claimed that the owner had left the gator to fend for him/her self.

It is always a tragic situation when an owner abandons their pet (even if the pet is illegal).

There were many people that made their thoughts regarding the situation public on

KzooLive posted - "Sad that humans think that alligators make good house pets. Hope they call Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary to take it in."

Wholistic sent his thoughts - "Proof that just because your age says you are an adult it doesn't mean you should be considered to be one. Obviously irresponsible people who see something and can't control their urge to have it, no matter how silly or illegal it is."

SuperSpirals commented - "What a cutie! Hope he finds a good home at a zoo so I can go see him!"

On a great note, reports say that animal shelter has already have been in contact with a zoo that could potentially take the alligator.

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